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  • New Checkoff Website Helps Producers Share Beef Industry News

    The producer-led Texas Beef Checkoff (TBC) is proud to announce the launching of a fully-responsive online resource. The new website allows producers, media and beef industry stakeholders full access to the most up-to-date checkoff information and tools.

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  • Raising the Bar for Beef Education

    The 12th Annual Texas ProStart Culinary Educators Training Conference allowed 125 high school instructors the chance to participate in the two and a half day conference, held at Le Cordon Bleu Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin. The training is a partnership between The Texas Beef Council (TBC), the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation and Le Cordon Bleu.

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  • Consumers Encouraged To Take 30 Day Protein Challenge

    Eating protein throughout the day includes benefits like building muscle and reducing body fat. Plus, protein-packed meals can help people feel more satisfied which may help prevent overeating. That’s why the Texas Beef Council (TBC) is encouraging consumers to take control of their diets through the 30 Day Protein Challenge.

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  • Texas Youth Attend Unique Beef 706

    AUSTIN, TX – Class was in session this summer at Texas Tech University where students participated in a Beef 706 designed entirely for Texas youth. The checkoff-funded class provided an overview of the beef industry and a hands-on learning experience on beef quality. For more than 25 years the traditional Beef 706 program has been educating beef producers about the factors impacting the safety and quality of beef.

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  • New Leadership Represents Texas Cattle Producers on Texas Beef Council Board

    The Texas Beef Council’s (TBC) newly elected board of directors began the new fiscal year leading the state’s producer-run beef marketing organization. The TBC board of directors consists entirely of beef producers providing representation of the state through organization affiliation. In addition, the board may elect two directors at large, without nomination by a qualified organization, to round out the board with equitable geographic and sector representation.

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