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  • Students Attend Checkoff-funded Texas Youth Cattle Conference

    Thirteen students from across Texas attended the inaugural Texas Youth Cattle Conference June 13-15, 2016 in South Texas. Members of junior cattle breed associations, Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassadors program, and Texas FFA Association were selected to attend the conference through an application process.

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  • Checkoff-Funded BEEF Loving Texans Makes Television Debut

    The Texas Beef Council (TBC) will kick-off the advertising portion of the newly launched BEEF Loving Texans brand campaign. Advertising for the campaign will include digital, print, radio, billboards and television across Texas.

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  • Texas Beef Council Announces Launch of New Campaign “BEEF Loving Texans” campaign aimed at elevating Texans’ passion for beef

    The Texas Beef Council (TBC) is proud to announce the launch of BEEF Loving Texans - a consumer-driven campaign created to share unique recipes, stories, cooking and shopping tips, and expert nutrition information. The BEEF Loving Texans campaign celebrates the pride and values deeply rooted in Texans through family, community and tradition.

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  • Nutrition and Fitness Experts Live Well with Beef

    Top-tier Texas health, nutrition and fitness experts recently joined the Texas Beef Council (TBC) for Live Well 2016. The workshop, funded by the Texas beef checkoff programs, provided an opportunity to engage and connect with 24 participants and provide them with the latest protein research, beef nutrition information and test their cooking skills.

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  • Texas BEEF Team Members Run Boston Marathon 

    Thirteen members of the Texas BEEF Team recently ran in the 120th Boston Marathon proudly wearing their beef jerseys and showcasing beef as a powerful protein. Eight additional Team Beef members from other states joined alongside the Texans ensuring beef was proudly represented at the historic race.

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