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  • Beef Loving Texans Launches New Advertising Campaign

    The Texas Beef Council announces the launch of a new ad campaign as part of the ongoing Beef Loving Texans brand movement aimed at elevating Texans’ passion for beef. The 2017 “Only in Texas” campaign celebrates the nuances, pride and deeply-rooted values only found in this great state.

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  • Texas BEEF Team Members Run Boston Marathon

    Fourteen members of the Texas BEEF Team recently ran in the 121thBoston Marathon proudly wearing their beef jerseys and showcasing beef as a powerful protein. Seventeen additional Team Beef members from other states joined alongside the Texans ensuring beef was proudly represented at the historic race.

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  • MD Outreach Program Brings Beef to Doctors’ Offices

    Beef has a place in a heart-healthy diet, and the Texas Beef Council is getting the latest research to physicians through the checkoff-funded MD Outreach Program. The unique program follows a pharmaceutical sales model and reaches physicians in a manner in which they are familiar with receiving clinical information.

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  • Annual Report Recaps State and National Beef Checkoff Programs

    The Texas Beef Council recently published the 2016 annual report highlighting key state and national programs in the areas of promotion, research and education. Included in the annual report is an overview of revenues and expenditures for fiscal year 2016.

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  • Texas Beef Council Announces Search for Best Butcher in Texas

    The Texas Beef Council (TBC) is proud to announce a statewide search to find the rarest of them all: Beef Loving Texans’ Best Butcher in Texas. Applications for the contest will be accepted through February 12, and a grand prize of $5,000 will be awarded to the winner.

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